#1 Fitness App

The #1 fitness app in 127 countries with over 4 million users. Become your own personal trainer to lose weight and get fit with fast, simple daily workouts.

10+ Workouts

Choose one of our workouts including 7 Minute Workout, Glamour, Cardio, Arms, Pilates and Alternative, or make your own workout.

No Equipment

No special workout equipment is required, just household items like chairs and steps. A jumping rope helps but isn't required.

Flexible & Simple

Easily adjust the workout duration, rest duration, perform multiple sets, randomize the order of the exercises and save to HealthKit.

Apple Watch

Follow along with the workouts and prompts with our great Apple Watch app. See your heartrate updating as you do each exercise.

Workout Videos

Great workout videos for you to learn and follow along with. Professionally recorded by expert trainers.


Save your completed workouts to HealthKit. Help close your exercise and move rings and ensure your workout counts towards your calories.

Great app... what you think you’ve had enough....

It keeps you motivated after your own workout... it just incentivises you to go that bit further.

by Jon Rai 63

Must have workout app

Having been using this app for 4+ years, I can’t do without it, it is always great for a quick workout and when you subscribe you can customize it best to suit your own workout needs and style. Really good to have for those sometimes short on time but don’t want to skip a quick workout.

by Sam Bruno

Great app

Really simple and easy to use. Been feeling great since I started following this every morning. Thanks!

by Tobindi