Awesome Features

Try a Scientific 7 Minute Workout will blast calories and burn fat fast, helps you boost your metabolism.

Flat UI design

Showing all completed exercises above the current exercise, and upcoming exercises directly below it.

Voice commands

Telling you when to break and when to start which exercise; useful for if you don't want to look at your phone/tablet while working out (New !).

2 progress bars

One for the current 30-second exercise and one for the overall 6-minutes of working out (remember, what makes it a 7 minute workout is the breaks in between).

Exercise Break Length

Set how long you want the breaks to be; with 5 second breaks at default, the overall exercise is exactly 6 mins 55 seconds (12 30-second exercises and 11 breaks), this can be increased or decreased.

Complete Workout Log

Showing you what days you have completed the workout and how many times.

Priti Nagar

Great app for people who are looking for a quick overall body workout! Love it!

Great app for people who are looking for a quick overall body workout! Love it! Takes 7 mins of your day.

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How To Do

How To Do The Scientific 7 Minute Workout - Instructions.

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